Thursday, October 3, 2013


The title is in response to the Patriot Post Blog.  It is suggestions as to how the Republican party can regain their footing of leadership.  Mark Alexander is a good man and I respect his opinion.  I have a few of my own.

I wish I could just say "play nice."  It is not that simple and Moderate Republicans that wanted all the pork that the Democrats had gotten, got us into this spot.  We will see, but if the conservatives loose badly it will formulate a much different party than we all expect.  There won't be any Republicans, moderate or conservative holding office in any large number.

If the conservative GOP win and win big it could mean even more behavior in the future that nobody will live with for long I would imagine.  The nice part will be it will keep the Rhinos at bay and make them very wary. We will still need moderate Republicans to temper the decisions made by the victors.   I don't like Peter King, Chris Chisty, John McCain, or Lindsey Graham. they are a waste of GOP money.

I wonder if they really believe losing the house and senate in 2006 was due to conservatism?  It was due to spending and foolish behavior and forgetting what conservatism is.  They were  still lining the pockets of Democrats to get their vote when it was not needed, like they and their constituents were going to miraculously migrate to the Republican Party.  Everyone loved the bi-partisanship so much they voted Democrat.  Scott Brown got a first hand lesson.  Keep Republicans voting for you, and entice moderate and conservative independents to join the quest.  Liberal Democrats will always vote Democrat because that is their makeup at the low end of gene pool, followed closely by liberal independents that are the reason for tubal ligation. 

If a Republican does not understand that they really need to be reminded that conservatives are nauseated to vote for the the default choice of the GOP, so much in fact they do not come out of their houses to vote.  Look at voter turn out!  My point exactly.  The percentage that votes and the percentage that does not and why.  They don't like the candidate that the GOP puts forth and it really cannot be because they are "too" conservative as we have not seen one.  On the same side, the last presidential primary,  Santorum, was too conservative for the moderate Republicans.  I'll bet they would take him now.  I have the reservations I had for the candidates, and why, locked in my head, with the turning point of each election when the candidate decided to woo the the liberal left and lost their base.

Romney, Brown, Baker, Gomez the list goes on, the conservatives would still not take them.  The GOP does not listen but it will, if it survives.

If they want to play in the game it has to be more than dressing in the same uniform, it has to be core values.  If they do not have any of their own, they can only kiss up to Democrats and steal theirs.  Imagine a ball game where both sides wore the same colors?  That is what Washington looks like right now with a slight minority with a different uniform.  The moderate Republicans have a choice and what side do they pick,  the Democratic side, what a strategy for defeat.   Lest we give up the party and just become liberal and conservative Democrats, I think we could beat them then.  Too much is in a name anyway.