Saturday, May 7, 2016

Some Republicans are afraid of Donald Trump

This article was written for the Berkshire Eagle on March 1, 2016.  They were afraid to print it, I assume,  and the excuse was there was not enough room.  I think we nailed it and they missed out, a mellow article that was the political pulse of the month.


Mr. Trump is the new political phenomenon.  He is brash, foul mouthed and non apologetic.  He fights like a junkyard dog and it has brought him fame and success, maybe the presidency.  You either like him or dislike him and  even the people that like him have reservations about his vernacular.  He is a product of NYC, for urban survival it is not healthy to lie down letting traffic roll over you.

Mr. Trump is not a politician, he is a political genius, he reads the public’s pulse.  Taking the blood pressure of millions, he formed a plan enticing them to vote.  In his winning, there are many lifeless“Conservatives” standing slack jawed and wondering, “What happened?”  What happened our party was not giving our voters what they wanted.  Apparently the same with many Democrats and Independents because they are on a Trump roll.

Somewhere between Eisenhower and Reagan an awakening of a non conventional voters to either party emerged that encouraged many to become independent.  Americans of the era wanted to apologize for some perceived guilt of being prosperous.  Charities flourished, church donations were bountiful and we sought to address every wrong ever suffered by our fellow citizens.  Our academic community took on a liberal agenda.  They postulated embracing evolution and therefore condemned Christianity.  What was overlooked?  Christianity was the compelling element for our national benevolence.  The government’s benevolence assumed the position of caretaker, provider and spiritual director of the nation without any qualification and religion diminished

We can argue the pros and cons of conservatism and liberalism forever. We know there is a right, left and reasonable.  The far reach of the right and left kept the prospect of “reasonableness” always out of reach for the average American.  We are told by politicians what we want, then they are directed by fringe special interest groups controlling the vote with the loudest voice.

The last couple of decades are shameful.  Corruptive and destructive factions suggested our likely republic’s demise.  Some Americans do not want to accept this, but  some not only accept it they want it to continue.  Why?  Because with all the whining to the contrary, they are comfortable.  Remember the song “Rock the boat baby,” when it gets to “Don’t tip the boat over?  That typifies the fear they are feeling.  They do not approve of liberal control because it is threatening.  It threatens to take what they have worked for, through wealth redistribution, giving it to others that have not.  With controversy and disruption in our governmental process they can feel secure that for the time being their world is stable, “Rock the boat, but don’t tip it over.” The proof is the reluctance to vote Trump by people alleged to be conservative.  Sometimes they rationalize with, “What difference does it make?”.

Some are self indulged.  They know what they have, what they want and how to get it.  The good old-fashioned patronage rewards from supporting elected leaders with votes.  Bernie, exemplifies the taking from those that earned and giving it to those that do not.  Governmental benevolence to make some guilt ridden individuals feel good and others to be on the receiving end.

Donald Trump is not only a boat rocker, he promises to tip the boat over.  He promises a fair playing field for the millions of unheard voices for the last six decades.  His promises are threatening to the established comfy lifestyles of many.

Voters are coming out in droves.  Trump is a non-establishment phenomenon.  He is self motivated and financed.  He is not the cures for all ills but he promises he will procure the capable people that can.  We only have sit back and watch, look at the motivation behind those that fear the consequences of an unstoppable Trump.  I understand the feeling of their hopelessness as I experienced the same though the Clinton and Obama presidencies.  Some Republicans are afraid.



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